If you are thinking of hiring a bookkeeper to help you in managing your company’s finances together with your accountant, there are factors that you need to consider first before you start looking for potential candidates. The following are the vital points that you should analyze to choose the best bookkeeper for your company.

book keeper qualities

What type of business can you manage?

During the interview, ask him or her first about the types of businesses that they can manage. Not all bookkeepers can manage different businesses all at once, and your bookkeeping requirements could be entirely different especially when you are a service company.


How many transactions can you complete?

You should also ask about their efficiency and productivity. It will mostly depend on the answer of your interviewee, but it will help you in determining the amount of time that you are going to spend in bookkeeping.


Do you have accounting software?

It is highly advisable if your potential candidate uses an online accounting software to improve their performance. In that way, you can assure that your bookkeeper will be able to share and send data at you every time you need it.

How can I pay you faster?

As much as possible, you should find a way to pay your bookkeeper a lot faster than anyone else. Consider transferring the money online or all sorts that does n’t require much effort.


Tell me about your key dates

Let them explain to you about their key dates because it typically includes all the payroll days, deadlines on the tax return and a scheduled meeting with your account. We all wanted out accounts to be safe and accurate before you can even reach this date. It also includes the business reports and performance report. If you want, you can ask them so that you’ll guarantee that your business performance reports are all being handled well by your bookkeeper. Learn more at AIM Bookkeeping Consultants.


How long have you been working?

Their experience as a professional bookkeeper also matters too so why don’t you ask about their experience? As much as possible, only hire those with experience and avoid fresh graduates as much as possible because they are most likely figuring out what they are doing and thus you will end up having unsatisfactory service of your selected bookkeeper. You are investing money, after all, make sure it’s worth it.


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